1316 Divilly Pre Sliced Crumbed Ham

Pre sliced Ham is ideal way for customers to know their costings and margin expectations to supply their customers with a tremendous flavoured product. Sliced from 100% Irish leg meat.

1317 Divillys Pre Sliced Deli Ham

Pre sliced ham ideal for customers on the go, pre sliced and cost effective product.

1801 Less is Best Crumbed Ham

The Less is best range is an innovative & growing addition to the Divilly’s Products Range, designed to cater for the health-conscious consumer. The Crumbed Ham comes with 25% less salt, no added water, less fat & no MSG

1803 Less is Best Smoked Ham

There is a growing segment of the market that sees customers increasingly interested in the breakdown of what they eat. Divilly’s Smoked Ham is perfectly placed to fulfil that need & satisfy the taste requirements of the consumer.

1807 Less is Best Turkey

Turkey is ultra-low in fat, even relative to the leanest cuts of meats. It is also a rich source of a multitude of vitamins & minerals. Less is Best Premium Turkey Breast contains no MSG making it an obvious choice for consumers.

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